Three Sisters by Heather Morris


Three Sisters is the third in The Tattooist of Auschwitz #3 and perhaps the best in the series, which is a hard thing for an author to do. Usually the first is the best. Heather Morris skillfully lets Cibi, Magda, and Livi Meller tell their stories of lives from Slovakia with their parents to uprooting and descent into hell of Auschwitz , surviving a death march into Germany, rediscovering life in Slovakia, immigration to Israel through Europe, and the finding of happiness and peace through resettlement in Israel, marriage and the ultimate renewal of life–children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Three Sisters links the three books in the series as well with the tattooist of Auschwitz in the camp at the same time as each of the sisters and the cameo of Cilka halfway through the book. The afterwords by Livi (Livia) and some of the family as well as by the author helps the reader understand how Three Sisters came to be written.

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