Water — What Would Do For A Drop?


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After nuclear war, survivors find that the water is contaminated and the government fashions a safety net, one that from some eyes is utopian, in that life-giving water is available, but at what cost? What would you do if water did not simply flow from the tap like it does now, or you could not walk into a store and buy a bottle off the shelf of your local store? Would you kill for a drop of water? Would you sacrifice other humankind to make it flow like it used to? These are the questions Garr asks in Waterproof.

From page one to the end, readers are transported to a time when the Earth felt alien and surreal. It is the earth that Nature’s Fortune and others warns against, tells us to take heed and make necessary changes. Waterproof has a gothic, haunting feel about it, sadness and shock permeates Sasha and her band of deserters as they life on the run, always looking over their shoulders. Still, there was a sense of hope, or at least a hint in the main characters, Vivienne and Zach as they found each other time and time again.

I could see Vivienne, Sasha, Zach, and the others; they were real for me. I would have liked to have had more of Vivienne’s initial reaction to the betrayal and more of an explanation from her betrayer of why he felt he had to act as he did. Another area that I felt that could have been built up within Zach or Jason’s perspective was what led up to this betrayal, even if Zach or Jason did not realize what was happening. For instance: once the coat was removed from the camera, some of the questions that remained for me were, “Did all that happen outside the range of the camera? Or, was it captured and then used by those who caused Vivienne to be betrayed? Did her betrayer know this? Did he subconsciously realize that Zach and Vivienne did not have to end up together?”

Notwithstanding these questions, Amber Garr is a talented novelist, whose message should be heard wide and far. Her experience as a scientist comes through and resonates.

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