Review of Eliza Green’s Derailed Conscience


Derailed Conscience is a standalone novella, a short quick read set in coming-day Britain about Jonathan, a research assistant to a psychologist, Kathryn Blake, who has her sights set on being a name that is dropped, known as a superstar psychologist. Without their knowledge, Blake uses her patients and Jonathan to further her career at her patient’s and Jonathan’s expense by altering their reality to test out certain theories and achieve breakthroughs that will garner her accolades and prestige among her colleagues.

Derailed Conscience is also a short and insightful look at the symptoms, causes and debilitating effects of schizophrenia that can lead individuals who otherwise seem to be muddled, confused to becoming a danger to themselves and others as their conditions worsens.

Derailed Conscience is now part of Duality by Eliza Green.