The Mountain Whisperer by Jia Pingwa


The Mountain Whisperer is an excellent foray into traditional and quality Chinese literature. The folk tales and narratives are based on the lives of real people who lived prior to, during, and after Mao’s Cultural Revolution. The afterword explains the book. For readers who are new to traditional Chinese literature or who have limited experience with it, read the afterword first. There’s no spoilers in the afterword. The book has a disjointed feel due to the inclusion of pathway geographical segments that in detail talk about the various mountains and the flora and fauna found in the mountains. The pathways has a fantastical aspect to it but is based on ancient Chinese customs and norms. The narrative broken into four tales loses some of its rhythm because of the inclusions of the pathways. The pathways is an important part but can be skimmed if attention is paid to the subsequent q-a section.

Copy provided by NetGalley.