Review of The ABC’s of Global Warming by Charles Siegel

The ABCs of Global Warming by Charles Siegel is an elementary/basic read of what climate change is as well as the causes and possible solutions. A high school student could read this and understand it. That said, the writing has an awkward, clumsy feel about it. Some of it is the word choice while other times it is the expression of conclusions that are either circular or are made without an adequate foundation. There is a distinct political bias as well though this is understandable. I cannot say that it is a scientific book. Science is in there but he concludes a lot without showing the work behind it. This may have been the intent as the book essentially is a primer into climate change and the necessity to act now and the results that can be expected.
Extremely troubling to me was the lack of any author bio particularly given that he has written other books a diverse set of topics. Some of the sources such as frequent citing to Wikipedia are questionable as well.
However, if the book accomplishes what it was designed to do — to get people talking about and acting on climate change — it is valuable.
Copy provided by NetGalley.