Review of Wyatt North’s Saint Francis of Assisi: A Life Inspired




Similar to the other books in The Life Inspired series, Saint Francis of Assisi is a short readable introductory biographical sketch of the saint from birth to death. The book also merges into each chapter applicability of St. Francis’ values of penance, service, and prayer modeled after and in imitation of Christ’s service on earth for modern times and the emulation by Pope Francis of these values. In short, it is two books in one, one on St. Francis of Assisi (as well as the establishment of the Franciscan order, some of his followers and Clare of Assisi who established the Franciscan order of nuns) and one on Pope Francis and his ministry.

The book also goes into a brief bit of history, political and religious, giving readers a historical framework that develops over time until some point in modernity. As part of this, Wyatt North includes the orders of Franciscans, First, Second, and Third, which is the secular order that follows the values of St. Francis in their ordinary lives and some of the more well renown individuals who are or were part of the Third Order.

A short list of suggested readings is also included at the end.

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