Review Shorts


From time to time, I read books that I do not do full reviews on, hence the name shorts. What follows is a mixed collection of books I have read, none of which are recently released. Many are from my TBR, while others are book club reads, were part of challenges, looked interesting, had particular interest for me, WWII, science, fantasy-paranormal-dystopian and/or are on the 1001 book list.


divine justice

A political thriller set in small town Divine, Virginia, making me think of the movie Deliverance. As always, Baldacci delivers. It is Camel Club #4. Divine Justice is not just for the men but also for the ladies through Oliver Stone, the hellaciously handsome heart breaker, although this time he finds love.




bees and mistTalk about bees and horrible mother-in-laws. A ride through the world of the supernatural with a one of a kind festival. Love and romance conquer evil spirits. Erick Setiawan is a promising Asian author. Too often I wonder why books are nominated for awards, what the criteria is for long and short lists. Not so for Bees and Mist. This one deserves the critical acclaim it has received.




wingsSet near in California, between San Diego and Mexico, We Never Asked for Wings is a tale of another culture, one of immigrants and the life they face once here. It is a tale of regret and longing. Diffenbaugh’s The Language of Flowers was more emotionally-charged, and better. The issue of bullying and the disparity between high and low income schools, the advancement of scientific curricula in schools. I had a problem with the rationalizing away of ignoring two rules: Two wrongs do not make a right, and the ends do not always justify the means. The characters acknowledge this, but I wonder if in the future if they found themselves in other dilemmas would they take again the easy way out.




racingA comprehensive and readable nonfiction account on the history of the atomic bomb and the man that delivered. A bit wordy, and duplicative in sections and can be hard to follow and keep track of the important dates and significant events, but overall good and nuanced account. The author provides extensive background material on General Leslie R. Groves. It is a good complement to the various movies that have been made. There is a fair amount of scientific material.



grapesThe classic that In ever but should have read in high school and oh so timely.