A Primer on Catholicism: Review of Wyatt North’s Pope John XXIII: The Good Pope


good pope


At 109 pages on the Kindle, Wyatt North’s Pope John XXIII: The Good Pope is a fast easy to understand introduction into Catholicism as well as being a brief biographical sketch of Pope John XIII who served as pope for four years.and seven months, during the period of time after the end of WWII and the early times of the Cold War. He led the church to being more open, accepting of the idea that there is more than one way to the divine. He fostered the ideas of a gracious and loving God, of the laity taking a more active role in the church, of women developing their minds through education in more than the traditional approved subjects, of understanding what led to the Holocaust, of appreciating diversity, and of the clergy visiting their flock. The narrative is well-written and is easy to follow, though if you are not familiar with the Catholic faith, you should have a dictionary nearby or use an e-reader like the Kindle that has the Oxford Dictionary on it.