A Thriller from Slovakia: Review of Philip S. Donlay’s Pegasus Down




I read thrillers because they are exciting, fast paced, involve the CIA, DIA, and other intelligence agencies, and are set in locales that while less than exotic are places that likely I will never visit, at least intentionally, barring my plane being re-routed. Philip Donlay’s 6th Donovan Nash thriller, Pegasus Down has all this, and more. If you love to fly planes, or loved Arthur Hailey’s AirportPegasus Down is for you. If you love rich handsome heroes, fight-to-the-death heroines, doomsday nukes, vengeful terrorists seeking to provoke Russia into a fight, double-dealing agents, and intelligence agencies’ infighting, read Pegasus Down. For techno and gun-enhanced readers, Donlay’s narrative is full of weapons galore, stealth aircraft, black phones, and other gadgetry.

Philip S. Donlay has a new reader–me.

*****Copy provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.