To Spoof or Not? Review of Zero Hour Shifting Power





If the book was designed as a spoof, then it would be 5****. I have a feeling however that a spoof is not what the author intended. Essentially, it is a dystopian thriller set in Doomsday America. The nation has suffered through a second civil war and been split into six sectors. The government operates out of Hawaii and besides Hawaii has few allies, namely Alaska and Texas. Washington, D.C. is just a shell. Scorpion, a powerful well-funded terrorist organization composed of extremists and religious fanatics threaten the government’s existence. 

The subplots are believable; the show of technology amazing; the brief section on fusion versus fission enlightening; the detail of the president’s plane and other areas realistic; most of the characters for most of the time believable. The president was the best, his dead wife being brought into the picture reminded me Nancy Reagan and the astrology claims that plagued the Reagan presidency. Howard, at the end, was fantastic, and decent for the rest of the narrative. The gangsters were not at believable but in a spoof, they would work. The narrative could have used substantial editing. 

A conservative guy’s beach read.

Copy provided by author in exchange for honest review.