Love (with some fun thrown in) Scottish style


Kam McKellar’s Mad about Plaid, A Scot for You, and The Trouble with Kilts are light romance novellas. Mad About Plaid Each are quick easy reads–just the right thing for the holidays. Each centers around a cousin from a set of three, who visit a castle and an estate turned into a resort. New A Scot Like YouEach falls in love with one of the MacLaren brothers. All are sexy, young, and beautiful and handsome. The countryside is breathtaking and the innkeepers are a set of friendly down-to-earth matchmakers.

Yes, the novels  The Trouble with Kiltsare formulaic but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is not the stuff of serious literary romance novels, but again that is not a bad thing. As in Escaping Innocence: A Story of Awakening by Joe Perrone, McKellar’s writing is fun and interesting to read. It is a way to go back for those of us over forty without having to self analyze everything in our past. McKellar’s words at the end about love happening  fast or when you least it expect it rings true. That is the premise of the novels. They also made me thankful for the love in my life…and now more than ever, make me want to visit Scotland.

If you listen closely, you can hear a bagpipe…

A pipe band in competition at the Skagit Valle...

A pipe band in competition at the Skagit Valley (WA, USA) Highland Games. Their kilts are pleated in a style known as military pleating, a style used by many pipe bands. In military pleating, each pleat will be centered on a particular stripe and hence it is also called pleating to the stripe. It results in the horizontal bands which feature so prominently along the back of the kilt. See the discussion page for additional comments on kilt pleating as well as web references to other photos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)